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Headquarters: 168 North Road, Ferndale, Wales
CF43 4RA
Telephone: 07591249580

Dear Parent / Carer / Guardian

Please complete a process online enrolment form so I have a plan for me to have the dates and times for the well – being that is best for you / your child to learn a musical instrument.
Thank you for choosing me, it’s very thoughtful of you.
I prefer if you / a parent / guardian / carer send me a submission of your requirement of a booking appointment.

Please can you write to me on e-mail and you can choose Walk in face-to-face sessions at our house after any booked confirmation is made.  My best advice is to suggest to you the book material on any music material guide is going to choose your child the interest and well – being of your child, to have the plan musically naturalised in you / child’s brain at a steady step-to-step guide maximising you / child with musical interest without being frivolous.   Choose your plan for you or your children to see progression for whoever you want to be whether it be you or your children it will be nothing more rewarding and relaxing to you too choose a very friendly and patient private music teacher.

Name: Stuart Street

M. 07591249580 | E.

Best wishes,

Stuart Street