Hi I have been a private music teacher for 7 years.

My musical life began pursuing piano studies at only the age of 7 where I could acheive Grade 1 and pass at 11 years old.  I was taught privately by piano teacher, Joan Davies in Wales.

I started to play the Piano in the Junior School, where I was able to play a tune by ear.

I didn’t start playing properly and reading music until 1997. I passed my first music examination with distinction.

When I was in Year 7 I stated to play the Trombone. I have played in the Mid Glamorgan Youth Brass Band and I practiced every Saturday morning in Pontypridd | Wales.

I managed to achieve first places in both the piano and trombone sections in the School Eisteddfod.

I have also helped out at Christmas time by playing the piano during lunch at school and I had excellent school teaching staff nourishing my talents of music and encouraging me to succeed for all aspects of music wherever I was able to gain opportunities.
I thoroughly enjoy playing both piano and trombone and hope to continue with both instruments throughout my working years.

Street Music School is a family owned Music School. Established in August 2012 from a property of his grandparent’s Stuart started teaching music with his student’s from Ferndale CF43 4RA Wales.

My opening times are: Monday | 4:20pm-9:00pm | Tuesday 4:20pm – 9:00pm | Wednesday 4:20pm – 9:00pm | Thursday 4:20pm-9:00pm | Friday 4:20pm-9:00pm.

Stakeholders, students, child, adults, parents, guardians we would welcome you to join us.

My music lessons include 100% focus also attention on the child and attain both the same for adult.  I have a determination on helping others in their pursuit of a career in music.

If there is anything that doesn’t look correct, please let me know.

Yours faithfully,


Stuart Street

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