Fancy learning a new instrument? Thought about playing piano again like you haven’t done in years? With 7 years experience

My musical life began pursuing piano studies from 7 years of age where I had my Grade 1 roughly about 11 years old.  I had the best piano tuition in the area and was taught from a very well respected musician Mrs Joan Davies.  She lived in Ferndale, South Wales.

I started to play the Piano in the Junior School, where I was able to play a melody and chords by ear.

I didn’t start playing properly and reading music until 1997. I passed my first kindergarten music examination with distinction.

When I was in Year 7 I started to play the Trombone. I have played in the Mid Glamorgan Youth Brass Band and I practiced every Saturday morning in Pontypridd | Wales.

I also decided to progress with orchestral music and start attending regularly to courses three times a year in the old Ogmore centre for Four Counties Youth Orchestra.

I managed to achieve first places in both the piano and trombone sections in a school eisteddfod.

I have also helped out at Christmas time by playing the piano during lunch at school and I had excellent school teaching staff nourishing my talents of music and encouraging me to succeed for all aspects of music wherever I was able to gain opportunities.
I thoroughly enjoy playing both piano and trombone and hope to continue with both instruments throughout my working years.

Stuart only had an idea from a property of his grandparent’s and this is how his music tuition was born.  Ferndale CF43 4RA Wales.

I am open for you: Monday | 4:20pm-9:00pm | Tuesday 4:20pm – 9:00pm | Wednesday 4:20pm – 9:00pm | Thursday 4:20pm-9:00pm | Friday 4:20pm-9:00pm school days or non school days.

My music lessons include 100% focus and structure of support as well as any engagement to keep your child coming I will try different techniques or negotiation skills to target the involvement you have in persuading to stick with progress and dedication of hours of practice that you must have interest in this already or either you already sticked to them when you was younger and then you dropped because life involvements got in the way and now you’ve got much more time on your hands to receive support and guidance with someone who you believe can get on with you well and give you as much information as you need to know.

I enjoy underpinning excellence for those who choose not to pursue a career in music.

Should you wish to choose this as a therapeutic pleasure please enjoy your time off with your man or time off with your woman.

Lessons are tailored to an individual’s needs

telephone number 07591249580

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